It’s the kind of subject we would rather not think about.  We avoid it because we think that there is plenty of time to do it later. For far too many of us, it just never gets done and then it’s up to others how our estate is handled.  Most people are surprised to learn that common held beliefs about probate are far from the truth or what they want.

Why do we put it off?  Here is a list of common excuses:

  • I’ll do it later
  • I don’t want to pay Estate Lawyer Fees
  • I’m confused over where to start
  • I don’t have to do anything because it will all go to my spouse any way
After meeting with an Estate Law Attorney, most of our clients feel a sense of relief.  They see clearly how to spare their family the agony and expense of probate. They know that their wishes will be respected down to the last detail and can’t be contested by anyone. Lastly, the fear of the process being in the hands of others and in the public spotlight is replaced by the comfort in knowing it’s all taken care of.

Here are some things to consider when you are searching for an Estate Planning Firm to work with.

Are they local? Your situation may change. Having a local Estate Law Attorney makes reviewing these changes  easier.  A family trust is a living document and can be amended as needed. You will usually work with the same attorney that set up the original family trust. This provides a consistent focus on your original intent.

It is important to know what the Estate Lawyer Fees are before you begin the process. Probate is a minimum of $3,000. Most good Estate Planning Firms charge less than that amount to set up a basic trust, so even from the beginning you are saving money.

We ask our friends and family for recommendations for good doctors, dentists, handymen and so on, but not so much for an Estate Planning Firms.  It is good practice to google “Estate Planning Firms” for a list to call. You have found a winner when you can answer the following questions with a “yes”:

  • Are they Polite and Professional on the phone?
  • Do they return you call right away?
  • Do you feel that they really care about you?
  • Do they take time to listen?
Please post a comment if you have experience with any of the topics mentioned that our readers could benefit from.

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